Rock Band Annie Automatic Releases Limited Edition Comic Book


LA-based rock band Annie Automatic will release a limited edition comic book “Killer In Disguise” at Comic-Con starting Thursday, July 21. The concept for “Killer In Disguise” was created by French & Feldman, and the story and script was written by Sam Scott. The comic book gives fans an inside look to the heart and background behind the band.

 Lead singer and Annie Automatic visionary French stated, “‘Annie Automatic: Killer In Disguise’ is my way of diving into the story of our main character, and connecting with kids on another level. Getting it out there along with this new music too, I’m so excited to have been able to work with such talented friends and put something cool together that might be able to pull the readers and listeners into our world – where there’s never a shortage of action and mystery, and the soundtrack’s always moving in the background!”

 “Killer in Disguise” features a girl name Annie who faces a life full of conflict, running, hiding and revenge. The story illustrates Annie’s journey of rebellion from her mother and how she forms her own path. The comic book allows the audience to see another side to Annie Automatic and the story behind their music. Look for members of the Annie Automatic street team in San Diego this weekend to get a free, limited edition copy of “Killer in Disguise” at Comic-Con or purchase a copy online now at

 Annie Automatic’s lead single “Burn this Prison” is now available on iTunes and their first full-length studio album, Don’t Look Down, drops August 23, 2011.

 ANNIE AUTOMATIC is a colorful lunatic… She listens to her music loud, and takes her shoes off to dance. She’s the strange little animal inside all of us. The band strives for artistic honesty, and a level of fun and love that seems to be lacking in today’s Alternative Rock’n’Roll. ANNIE AUTOMATIC is about beauty, chaos and freedom. It’s about grabbing hold of the moment, and making it count. Let the madness in.


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