And the Mayhem Begins

by Angie Quidim

Yes Fans!  Comic Con is underway and those who are smart are getting ahead for next year.  This show was sold out even before it hit the ground running and it’s no surprise that next year will be the same scenario.  Over 252 people stood in line today waiting to prepurchase Comic Con 2012 passes.  If you aren’t aware, information on next years pricing is up on the Comic Con website so be sure to check that out.

The excitement that is Comic Con ravaged the streets of San Diego (reminding me of the success E3 once had in Los Angeles).  Businesses were getting their fare share of attendees and events ran heavy in the convention center and surrounding areas.

If you were not fortunate enough to get a pass, it’s okay.  There is plenty of stuff to do outside the con without a pass.  If you look around at the surrounding hotels, there are plenty of  screenings, and demos that you can sink your teeth into and most do not require an attendee pass.

Be warned though, food water and stuff that would normally be a bargin downtown turns into a hideous nightmare.  Keep in mind all the cheap taco shops and convenience store locations.  They will be havens for the thrifty.

Remember to keep hydrated and wear comfortable clothing.  Also for everyone’s benefit, WEAR DEODORANT.  We already got some nuclear fallout from Japan, we don’t need any more funky stuff in the atmosphere.

This year on the convention floor there are rest stations where you can just sit and Chill.  IGN has one and G4 has one as well.

Stay tuned for more Comic Con 2011 with TME!


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