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Don’t have a Comic Con Pass? YOU CAN STILL BE AT CON!

By David Burrola

Many people don’t have passes to Comic Con this year due to pre-sales going like the dodo before you could blink. But there’s still plenty to do down there in the downtown area even if you don’t have a pass.

 My colleague and I went about to see what was going on, and no not just in restaurants. We found several booths or awnings set up out and around the convention center with games and things featuring things that you’d see in side normally on the show floor. But it was all accessable to the public and there where many people promoting their restaurant’s there sure(free drinks!) but much of the other things outside where viral campaigns for movies, games and comics that you could actually see elsewhere.

 In one instance, you had people handing out flyers for the new Cowboys and Aliens film, with a link to a twitter account that if you followed it, you’d be updated with locations of people handing out t-shirts and possibly passes for a screening this weekend. In addition to that, we also found a bar that had been turned into a Saloon for the film. They had good beer.

 Sega had a building made out for them to showcase new games of various kinds including Sonic, Spiral Knights, Shinobi just to name a few. And Right next to them was a Marvel building with many other things going on there. But we didn’t have a chance to hit that one up at the time.

 Bioware also made a showing down by the trolly station right across from the convention center, where they are premiering the forthcoming game Mass Effect 3. That i’m stoked about.

 Near by there, was a stand that had a life sized model of a new cop car being used for the new Total Recall film with Colin Farrell.

 While a lot of these did lead themselves back into the Convention Center, there where still plenty to do outside and many places offering free drinks for a certain time to those who are 21 and older and also big geeks.

 If you don’t have passes don’t frett, there’s still plenty to do down here by the Con. Just take a trip down here have fun around, and talk to some geeks out here. Maybe even drink with a few. Responsibly.

 I can’t give any guarantees about myself in that situation though…


Star Wars: The Old Republic, Mass Effect 3, Dragon Age II

EA and BioWare invite fans attending San Diego Comic-Con to get up close and personal with some of their favorite games including the epic MMORPG Star Wars(tm): The Old Republic(tm), the stunning Action RPG Mass

Effect(tm) 3 and the brand new Dragon Age II Legacy(tm) downloadable content pack.

From July 21st through July 24th these award-winning BioWare games will be available to the public — with or without a Comic Con pass – for hands-on demos at the Hilton San Diego Gaslamp Quarter, located directly across from the San Diego Convention Center.

Registered attendees of Comic-Con can get their hands on an exclusive Star

Wars: The Old Republic demo by visiting Booth # 2913 in the San Diego Convention Center.

Throughout the event, fans are invited to attend speaking panels featuring a special Star Wars: The Old Republic discussion on Thursday where BioWare will unveil more news about the highly anticipated MMORPG. On Friday, Mass Effect 3 Executive Producer, Casey Hudson, will uncover new details surrounding the adaptation of the acclaimed video game series to the big screen during the Legendary Pictures panel.